Lyrics zu "The Forest at Twilight"
The Forest at Twilight
(music: s.syguda & s.schwab, lyrics: m.wagner)

roaming alone the forest at twilight
where am i? lost and alone…
a light in the dark, where will it lead?
who will be there? friend or foe?
no wishes in my mind and no gold in hand
whom will i meet before the end?

roaming alone the forest
a light in the dark leads my way
between the trees i am wand’ring
the moon lights my way back home

in the forest i cry waves of eternal tears
between the trees where shadows dwell
at twilight i see clearly beyond the worlds
as a lunar song tears my heart apart
now i fear it’s my end, shall i ever return?
the forest at twilight will be my grave…

the past rests on me but this burden so sweet
what have i done? lie and deceit…
dreadful dreams grieve my mind
and fiends claim my soul
and so i fade, lost and alone…
infinity come embrace me, never release!
when my time has come, i’ll free myself…

sleeping alone in the forest
no light shines for me anymore
the leaves grant me only a whisper
and the wind carries memories away
in search of rebirth and redemption
alas! i have fallen from grace
the flame in my heart has been weakened
with yearning i wait for the cold
…i wait for the cold…

run towards the light, run from the enemy
run from the light, run towards the enemy…

© by Ibn Ghalad